On the first full day of the trip we walked from our B&B in Upper Denton to Chapelburn where we followed the course of the Irthing for about a mile before climbing up out of the valley by Turret 50A. From there we walked along the Wall to Banks Turret before turning back to visit the fort at Birdoswald. After touring the fort and eating lunch, we continued along the Wall to Willowford taking note of the various building inscriptions and phallic carvings, believed to avert the evil eye, found on several of the blocks. At Willowford, we examined the remains of a Roman bridge abutment that carried the Wall over the River Irthing before heading back to Gilsland and 'home'. We ate with gusto that night!


The River Irthing

Marcel and Pat at Turret 50A

Birdoswald Fort: Marcel admiring one of the gates

The Wall east of Birdoswald

Relief of a phallus on the Wall by Birdoswald

The Roman bridge abutment at Willowford

“From the Fifth Cohort, the Century of Gellius, Philippus (built this)”

The turret outside Gilsland

View from our B&B at Bush Nook


Mull & Iona

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Hadrian's Wall