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Gayle Gibson of the Royal Ontario Museum is offering a 4-week course in April on the two Intermediate Periods of Ancient Egypt entitled The Best of Times; The Worst of Times. For details, click on the Link.


We have begun a new series of articles on the archaeology of Orkney, a group of islands lying just off the northern coast of Scotland. Its insularity together with the number of prehistoric monuments, the wide range of monument type and the general use of stone in their construction make them an ideal laboratory for study. Interest in Orkney has surged dramatically since the discovery of the large Neolithic village at the Ness of Brodgar, one of the most important sites found anywhere in the world in recent years. Ongoing excavations there are rapidly changing our perceptions about how prehistoric societies functioned and has had an impact on the entire prehistory of Europe.


Gayle Gibson is leading a trip to Egypt early next year that will concentrate on the less visited monuments of southern Upper Egypt and northern Nubia. So, if you want to escape winter and join Gayle and her colleague, Ramy Darwish, on a one of a kind trip, designed with people looking for something different in mind.

Beyond Aswan

January 29-February 10 2018

Most trips to Egypt don't spend nearly enough time down south but this one is designed for folks who have been to the usual sites.  We will start in Cairo to recover from the flight and spend a day at Giza checking out what is newly opened in the old cemetery. We will make a point of visiting the new Museum of Egyptian Civilization as well as the Egyptian Museum.

But then we will head south, and spend most of our time in less-known places.  We plan to take lots of time to explore modern Luxor and Aswan, and to relax and watch life on the river Nile from a felucca.  Driving south from Luxor to Aswan, with stops at Armant, Moalla as well as El Kab with its painted tombs and desert temples.  

From our base in the Basma Hotel in Aswan, we will cross the Nile to climb up Qubbet el Hawa to visit the tombs of Harkuf, Heka-ib, and the other Old Kingdom Governors. During our stay, we will also explore the remains of over three thousand years of city life on Elephantine and visit the newly renovated site museum there. Philae and New Kalabsha are also on the menu along with a visit to the fine Nubian Museum. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the town and the old market and time to relax in the evening sitting on the patio, looking at the sunsets Included is a cruise south on Lake Nasser to see Amada, Wadi es Sebua, and other sites saved from the rising waters behind the Aswan High Dam on our way to Abu Simbel.  


The trip finishes in Aswan, but if you have the time, there is an extension for five nights in Luxor.  On our way there, we'll spend all the time we want exploring the well-preserved temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu and Esna before settling into the Steigenberger Nile Palace in Luxor for a few days of visits to the lesser-known tombs and temples.

For more information, click this link: Your Journey

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